Full Size Printed Plans Scale 1" = 1' Control Line or Radio Control Wingspan 60” HEINKEL 219


Full Size Printed Plans and Article


First time Werner Streib took to the air in his He.219, he and his radarman destroyed five Avro Lancasters ... In their initial eleven nights of combat flying this fearsome fighter accounted for 25 Lancs and six Mosquitos. Thank goodness the German High Command never put this aircraft into big‑time production. Author had some excellent help in producing his detailed set of plans‑right from the pilot!

FULL SIZE PLAN on  a sheet 60” W/S  64” x 30”

Six page article with building notes and material list

Control Line or Radio Control

Scales 1" = 1'

Wingspan 60”

Two Engines hot .35 to 60


    Our model plans are drawn to the scale of one inch equals one foot which produces a "man-sized" model with a 5 foot wing span. Engines from .45 to .60 cubic inch displacement are recom­mended, although a pair of real "hot" .35 cubic inch engines could handle this craft.

 Exceptional performance, heavy arm­ament and elaborate radar and other electronic apparatus made the 219 the finest night fighter of the second World War. The craft might have stemmed the tide of Allied nocturnal bombing. But the German Air Ministry hesitated to produce the craft in great numbers, in­stead employed converted Messerschmitt 110's, Junkers 88's and Domier 17'5. Less than three hundred Heinkels reached the night fighter fields despite the pleas of the pilots for more production on the Heinkel 219.

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