Full Size Printed Plans Scale 1/12 25ft. MOTOR BOAT Suitable for Radio Control


Full Size Printed Plans Not a KIT or MODEL


Full Size printed plan on a sheet 34” x 24”

Two pages Photo and Description with some building suggestions

Drawings are for Experienced Builders

There is only some building suggestions

Scale 1" = 1ft (1/12)

length 25"

Power Electric

Suitable for Radio Control


AT the time this drawing was made, the 25 ft. motor boat was the most widely distributed of all the power boats supplied to H.M. ships, as it was found in all the `Algerine' class mine-sweepers, in most frigates and in all destroyers including the 'Weapon and 'Daring' class ships. For a Service boat it is remarkably ugly, especially in the form of the hull where the planking, at the place where it meets the deadwood of the keel under the stern, has a sudden bend upwards leading into a straight line up to the transom, as will be seen in the profile. It is said that if the draining plug, which is situated aft of this bend, is taken out when the boat is going at speed, no water enters on account of the eddy that forms there. Even the rudder, the tiller and the propeller opening in the deadwood are rather shapeless, and the cabin tops, with their straight upper edges, do not appear to 'marry' satisfactorily with the hull. It is a large, heavy boat, and requires radial davits and massive falls to hoist and lower it. Nevertheless it is so common in the Service that few models of present day warships would be complete without it.

The hull is built 'clinker' fashion, that is, with the planks overlapping as in the 27 ft. whaler previously published. There are 15 strakes of planking each side if only one rubbing timber is fitted, or 14 if a second one is riveted near the lower edge of an extra wide plank below the gunwale strake, but the former arrangement is most common, the latter being shown in the sections to the right of the drawing. As in the whaler, the overlapping of the planks is made to die away flush as shown in the drawings of that boat. There is a short planked deck forward with a chain pipe, bollard, fairleads and a step for the jackstaff, and a narrow deck with a grating in it across the stern.

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