Full Size Printed Plans Scale 1/144 destroyer H.M.S. LAGOS L 31 1/2" Suitable for Radio Control


Full Size Printed Plans with building Article



Full size printed plan on a sheet 34” x 24”

Eleven page article with building notes

Scale 1/144

Length 31 ½” (800mm)

Suitable for Radio Control

by Glynn Guest

This model has been in more or less regular use, having seen off several different radio, motor and battery combinations in this time. This might answer any doubts that people have over model boats constructed from 'flimsy' balsa wood. I still enjoy sailing Lagos but fifteen years is a good age to retire at, and it gives me a chance to draw up these plans.

Battle' class history

 Of all the different kinds of warship, the destroyer has always captured the imagination since its inception at the turn of the century. The original vessels were small, fast craft designed to chase off the torpedo boats which had appeared to menace the supremacy of the Battleship. This was the origin of their name since the first ones were classed as Torpedo Boat Destroyers, or TBD for short. The demand for greater endurance, sea worthiness and speed resulted in the gradual increase in destroyer size. This enabled them to ship a heavier armament and torpedo. Thus the destroyers' duties were expanded from defending the battle fleet to incorporate attacking the enemy with torpedo’s

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