Full Size Printed Plans Scale 1:24 1/2” = 1ft Length 39 3/4” diesel-engined tug CULLAMIX


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FULL SIZE PRINTED PLANS  on Two SHEETS 41"x 28" and 41"x 24"

Six Page Article  with building notes and photos

Scale 1:24 1/2” = 1ft

Length 39 3/4”


Power Steam or Electric

Radio Control


For the purpose of the model, I have selected a scale of 2 in. to 1 ft. as being most suitable. This gives an overall length of 39 3/4 in. with a beam of 10 in. The depth amid ship on the fore and aft centre line is 5 7/8 in. with a maximum draft of 4 7/8in. It will thus be seen that there is ample machinery space and, provided an internal combustion or electric prime mover is installed, plenty of room for a radio control unit.

   The selection of a suitable propulsion unit is a matter of personal choice and there is no reason whatsoever why a steam plant should not be used; an engine 3/4 in. bore X 4 in. stroke with a centre flue boiler would steam this model quite well.You fit an electric motor,.

THE Cullamix is a typical example of a diesel-engined tug operating on the tidal waters of the Thames and other estuaries. Built by Robert Dunston Ltd. this vessel has an overall length of 79 ft. 6 in., a beam of 19 ft. 6 in. with a maximum draft of 9 ft. 9 in. and is powered by an Atlas diesel engine of 750 B.H.P. driving a single screw.

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