Full Size Printed plans Scale 1/32 L 37 in Tug Suitable for radio control


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Flying Duck Tug

Full Size Printed plans on two sheets 38" x 36" and 36" x 18" 20lb bond

Nine page article of history and photos

Note: builder with some experience no building notes

Scale 1/32

Length 37 in

Beam 9.4 in


Suitable for radio control

By P, N, Thomas

  The accompanying drawings are drawn to a scale of a 3/8 in. = 1 ft. and this gives a very handleable model. Not too large, not too heavy, but with plenty of space for batteries and radio gear. The superstructure is compact and can be made to lift off in one piece and there are no stays to get in the way. There are no davits and lifeboats and there is a minimum of handrails. All these are features which make this a very suitable subject for a modeller with a little experience. She is quite a colourful boat too, with that characteristic orange 'gun port' band that has been the identifying feature of the Clyde Shipping Company tugs for over 100 years.

    Accommodation drawings and full technical particulars of the Flying Duck / Flying Drake will be found in the Shipbuilding and Shipping Record 10th Jan. 1957. They are 99 ft. long X 26 ft. 11 in. mld x 10 ft. 3 in. mid. depth. The tonnage was 176 tons gross, and they were powered by British Polar diesels with an output of 1310 b.h.p.

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