Full Size Printed Plans Scale 1/32 single screw L 34" Suitable for Radio Control


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H.S. Tug

Full size printed plan on Two sheet 40” x 23” and 36” x 33”

Six page article

Note: for builder with experience no building notes

Scale 1/32

Length 34in

Beam 11 1/2 in



By P. N. Thomas

When the war was over the tug fleet was dispersed all over the world, quite a number of the tugs being purchased by British owners. The H.S. and West tugs had sometimes been equipped with towing winches, an unusual feature on British tugs; these were replaced by standard towing hooks when they passed into the hands of their new owners.

Despite many H.S. tugs being fitted with a towing winch, for simplicity the tug is shown with a hook which she would have in civilian hands. The West tug is identical, apart from being 3/4 longer at 23 1/2" and the basic difference on the engine casing is shown in a scrap view in the plan. Built to  3/8" = 1' the lengths would be 34" and 35 3/4 and the displacement about 15 to 16 lb. The colour scheme for both tugs is grey, but as most of them were not sold until about 1922 they would probably have been painted in Dockyard colours -. the West class at least.

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