Full Size Printed Plans Scale 1/48 48 1/2 in Seefalke Tug Suitable for Radio Control


Full Size Printed Plans

Seefalke Tug

FULL SIZE PRINTED PLANS on TWO SHEETS 50"x 36" and 50" x 22"

Note: No building Notes

Five page article with photos

Scale 1/48

Length 48 1/2 in

Beam 7.4 in



By P.N. Thomas

The subject of the drawing is the German salvage tug Seefalke of 1924. She must have been an eye opener for the tug men of the day as she was larger than any tug then afloat, and she was dieseI engined at a time when tug owners reckoned that the diesel was not fully suited to towing. Mind you, as a salvage tug and deep sea tug her basic use would be on long tows where a steady engine speed for days on end was required.

 The model is planned for a scale of 1/4 in. to 1 in., as are the previous ones, and will be 481/2in  overall with a beam of 7.4 in. On a mean draught of 3.3 in. the model should weight around 181/2 lb.

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