Full size Printed Plans Scale 1:48 L 19 13/16" BRODICK Fleet Tender Suitable for small radio control or Display


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Not a KIT or MODEL

BRODICK Fleet Tender

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 24" x 18" 20lb bond

One page article with description and photo

Scale 1:48 (1/4"=1ft)

Length 19 13/16"

Power Electric

Suitable for small radio control or Display

By J. Pottinger

0NE of the maids‑of‑all‑work so essential to naval working, the Fleet Tender Brodick is, as the name suggests, Clyde based. Overall length of the prototype is 79 ft. 3 in. and the scale of the model is 1/4 in. to I ft., giving a smallish model which will look well on the bookcase while still being large enough for sailing.

      It will be seen that the hull is one of the very few fullsize ships of double‑chine form, so that if desired the model could be planked with three panels each side. However, many builders would no doubt make the model in balsa, and as an alternative to using single panels, it may be found easier and stiffer to plank the hull with the grain running athwartship rather than fore‑and‑aft.

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