Full Size Printed Plans Scale 1:48 'tug-steamer' P.S.Bilsdale for Radio Control


Full Size Printed Plans

No material plans only


Full Size Plan printed on a sheet 42" x 36" 20lb bond

Four page article with description and photos

NOTE: No Building notes fpr experience builders

Scale 1:48 (1/4"=1ft)

Length O.A. 35"

Beam 5 1/4"

Power  Electric or small steam

Suitable for Radio Control or Display


The scale selected for this drawing is 1/4 in. =1 ft., giving an overall length of 35 in. with a beam of 51/4 in. on a draft of 14 in. The model will be somewhat light at 5 to 6 lb. If you add 2 in. to her beam and draft this can be increased to about 8 lb. without any obvious distortion in her appearance. There are one or two points which may not be apparent so I propose to draw these to your attention. The bulwarks do not follow the line of the hull but are taken out over the sponsons, giving a bit more deck space

The Bilsdale was built in 1900 as the Lord Roberts for the Great Yarmouth Steam Tug Company. She was 135 ft. x 21 ft. x 9 ft. 7 in. and she came from the yard of Wm. Allsup of Preston. Her engines were two single cylinder diagonals and at the risk of starting an argument I shall say that they were unusual for a passenger vessel in that they could be disconnected, i.e. the paddles could be worked independently. However, she had been built for tug owners and one reference did call her a 'tug-steamer'.

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