Full Size Printed Plans Scale 1:60 L 54.4" Clyde Steamer DUCHESS OF HAMILTON Suitable for Radio Control


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Clyde Steamers

Full size printed plan on a Sheet 57"x 36"

Five Page Article with history and a few Building notes and photos

For Experienced Builders

Scale 1:60

Length 54.4"

Beam 6.4”

Power Electric

Suitable for Radio control


For those wishing to build the Duchess of Montrose, they are almost identical in size with the following differences. The Hamilton had black painted anchors (until 1948)…….

THE Duchess of Hamilton was beyond any doubt one  of the most popular Clyde steamers of all time, due in no uncertain terms to her speed, her graceful lines, her fine accommodation and for almost all her post-war career, she had one of the Clyde's greatest masters in charge of her.

She followed in the success of King George V, with her enclosed promenade decks and in fact, for hull form and shelters, she was copied from the George with modifications, and with direct drive turbines.

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