FULL SIZE PRINTED PLANS Scale 1:72 Missile Ship Length 48” Beam 7” Suitable for Radio control



Missile Ship

Full size plans on two sheets 57" x 22" and 30" x 22"

Six page building article with material list

Length 48”

Beam 7”

Power Gas or Electric

Suitable for Radio control


There is space below decks for the most advanced R/C installation. Payload space is 41/2" x 6" x 25" with full access through the removable deck. If the builder wishes, the deck opening could be made longer, gaining another foot of space fore and aft. Weight is no problem since the model structure is light. Four pounds of lead had to be added to original model to sink it to the waterline shown. This was with a light weight Rudder—only R/C installation.

   This model is large enough so that many different combinations of R/C equipment and power can be used. The original was powered with a single Super Panther electric motor which pushes it along at a fair clip. There is adequate space for two Super Panther motors if more speed is desired. Glow-plug .19 or .29 engines could be used if model were properly fuel-proofed.

   The Guided Missile ship would be a small vessel. The scale chosen arbitrarily ' is 1 in. = 6 ft. Length is 288 ft., beam, 42 ft. and draft, 12 ft. Displacement would be about 2500 tons and crew would number 300 officers and men.

   This ship would be atomic powered. Armament would include one twin antiaircraft missile launcher forward and four twin 40-MM anti-aircraft gun mounts amidships. Several ballistic missiles with atomic warheads would be stored near center of ship. Elevators and gantry crane for erecting and firing are installed topside. A jet powered VTOL fighter would be carried on after deck. This VTOL would serve as long distance scout and fighter protection. A small 2-man helicopter would also be carried to act as short range scout and spotter.

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