Full size Printed Plans Scale 3/16"=1ft Passenger steamer King George V L 49" Suitable for Radio Control


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King George V

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 52" x 28" 20lb bond

Four page article with description, photos and few building notes

Note: for builders with some experience

Scale 3/16"=1ft (1/64)

Length 48 7/8"

Power Electric

Radio Control

  Like my other models, I could not get plans of the real vessel, so from numerous photos, I produced a drawing which was accurate enough to satisfy myself, but I have considerably increased the depth of model to help stability. The hull of the model was built plank on frame and when finished, was used to produce a fibreglass mould and then a GRP hull. Decks are cut from 1/8in ply and all superstructure is also in 1/16in ply. The working decks are sheathed with 1/32 in ply, planking drawn in pencil then matt varnished. Twin funnels are balsa sheet, also lifeboats are carved from balsa.

  Power is from twin Delco electric motors running on 12 volts from two 6v 4 H Yuasa accumulators driving independently two 2in dia. brass propellers. Macgregor Digi II radio is used, one channel operating the semi-balanced rudder, the other channel operating an ahead or astern micro switch. When the rudder is hard over it makes another pair of switches which cuts out the inside propeller allowing the model to turn tighter.

  King George V was novel in design, providing spacious accommodation with an enclosed promenade deck, the saloon extending the full width of the hull and half the length of the vessel. Above this was an observation deck. The restaurant was aft on the main deck, with large observation windows.

Her machinery was even more innovative. Seven turbines, with two very high pressure boilers, were linked by gears to twin propellers.

   Class & type: Passenger steamer Tonnage:789 GTR 320 NT Length:260.6 ft (79.4 m)

Beam:32.1 ft (9.8 m) Draft:7 ft (2.1 m) Installed power:7 turbines Propulsion: twin screw

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