FULL SIZE PRINTED PLANS Scale 3/16 in to 1ft. V&W Destroyers Length 58" suitable for radio control




V&W Destroyers

Full Size Printed Plans on two sheets 60" x 28" and 60" x 14"

Ten pages of History, building notes and photos

NOTE: for experience builders

Scale 3/16 in to1ft. (1:64)

Length 58.1/2 in. overall

Power Twin Electric

Radio Control

First I would like to introduce a brief history of the . The V&W's were built to counter the 'New' German Destroyers which were believed to be very large and heavily armed. The first five V&W destroyers built were classed as leaders and they were completed between June and September 1917 and led flotillas based at Scapa Flow, Harwich and Rosyth. These five destroyers were built at three different shipyards

Just before the placing of the order for the five V&W's the proposal that a triple torpedo tube should be installed caused some concern and eventually it was decided to build them with twin 21in. tubes, although not many of the V&W's kept these for long as they were replaced with triple tubes..

Modifications during the two World Wars were few, but during the years following WWI, all ships built with twin torpedo tubes were replaced by triples except for five ships, Vanoc, Velox. Versatile. Vimy and Vortigen. For the many years between the two World Wars the V&W's were the pride of the destroyer fleets and saw active service in various theatres, such as fighting the Russians in the Baltic and taking part in the Greek-Turkish affair, and the Civil War in China.

Making the model

The hull by the plank-on-frame method, this means a keel and formers from ply and planking. The first job was to measure the shape of the keel from the plan and also the shape of the formers. I have always found that the more formers you produce for the hull the more accurate the hull will he.


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