Full Size Printed Plans Scale 8’ = 1” ( 1/196) armoured cruiser Length 57 3/4" for Radio Control


 Full Size Printed Plans with building Article


Construction is basically simple and conventional

One Full Size Printed on a sheet 60” x 36”  

Eleven pages article includes Building Notes 

Scale 8’ = 1”  ( 1/196)

Length 57 ¾”

Beam 8”

Power Electric

Radio Control

Note: You may request different Scale Email me for price

I CANNOT recall seeing a working model of an armoured cruiser before my own, which is a very excellent reason for making one. This type of cruiser has always seemed splendidly reactionary, and therefore appeals to me. Why Kent in particular? It was one of the very few armoured cruisers which really distinguished themselves, and is a convenient size at 8 ft. to the inch 1 in.).When I first built the model I had to transport it by bus or train to the local lake (St. Albans). Kent is the largest model I have successfully taken by bus—anything larger would be impossible. I have since bought a car (which cost less than the model) and Kent sits quite comfortably on the back seat

Thank you for looking Rose.

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