Full size printed plans Sea Rescue Hagbart Waage Scale 1:30 Length 30" Suitable for Radio Control


Full size printed plans

No material or kit

Hagbart Waage

Full size Printed plan on two sheets 31” x 23”

Four page article with description and photos

Scale 1:30

Length 30”   

Beam 7 ¼”

Suitable for Radio Control

Note: that these detailed plans are drawn for the experienced model maker

James Pottinger

 I anticipate and hope that this plan will appeal to model makers looking for something different from the more usual run of tugs, lifeboats and work craft, the ample volume of the hull allowing plenty of room inside plus stability and the overall simple arrangement without too many quirks or flimsy fittings will enable a practical and robust model.

Model construction

   The plan is scale. I have suggested on the plans some alternative methods of construction, the final choice being for the model builder

   This vessel was one of thirteen similar 22.87 metre rescue boats commissioned by the NSSR (Norsk Selskab til Skibbrudnes Redning) or Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue.

   She operated as a rescue ship until 1987, during which time she rescued 11 persons and salvaged 396 vessels. As the rescue ship, she had the prefix RS. On being taken out of service she was converted to a passenger and excursion ship as pictured here, the conversion being completed in 2008 and among her cruises she has been to Spitzbergen and Greenland. A Google search of RS Hagbert Waage will bring you up to date information and her current service status.

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