Full Size Printed Plans semi-scale 1:168 escort carrier L 35"Suitable for Radio Control


Full Size Printed Plans

Not a KIT or MODEL


A 35in. escort carrier

Full size printed plan on a sheet 36” x 24”

Six page article with building notes

Scale 1:168

Length35 “

Beam 4 7/16”

Power electric motor

Suitable for Radio Control


  The model is equipped with two function radio control on both rudder and motor but the large internal space available can accommodate more radio equipment if desired

  HMS SULTAN is a semi-scale model based upon the escort carriers built in America during World War Il, These carriers were initially designed as emergency measures to provide anti-submarine aircraft cover for the Atlantic convoys, thus bridging the mid-ocean gap where land based aircraft could not reach. In fact they were widely used as first line units in most war theatres to compensate for the shortage of the larger fleet type carriers to speed construction these carriers were built on merchantman hulls, indeed many were converted back for civilian use after the war. Their simple austere lines make this class of carriers ideal for a simple working model. Whilst being immediately recognisable as an aircraft carrier, they avoid the extensive detail and consequently long building time associated with the much larger fleet carriers.

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