Full Size Printed Plans Soviet fighter Scale 1“= 1 Control Line Wingspan 32” LAVOCHKIN La-7


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Sturdy provides famous subject matter for Ukie fans as noted model designer presents one of his most detailed and flyable 2-line true-scalers.

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 42" x 28" 20lb bond

Four Page article with building notes and material list

Control Line 

Scale 1“= 1 foot

Wingspan 32”

Engine .23 to .35

Plans show the exact markings of the La-7 flown by Kojedub in 1944.

by Walter A. Musciano 

First flown in 1943, designer Semyon Alexe'evich Lavochkin's La-7 fighter was probably the finest Soviet single seater of the second world war and was flown by many Russian Aces including Ivan Kojedub. This craft was a development of Lavochkin's earlier inline engined LaGG-1 and LaGG-3 designs with which he had been assisted by engineers Gudkov and Gorbunov (hence the two capital "G's"). The basic design was then improved through the installation of a radial engine in 1942 and became the La-5 which proved to be twenty-five miles faster than its contemporary adversary, the vaunted German Messerschmitt 109F. The La-7 was the final wartime refinement of the original design and saw extensive service all along the Eastern Front.

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