Full size printed plans Stutz bearcat Scale 1:16 Length 10 1/4” Width 4 1/8



Full size printed plans

Not a kit model or material

Stutz bearcat

Full size printed plan on a sheet 20” x 15”

Two  Page article with description and photos

Scale 1:16

Length 10 1/4”

Width 4 1/8


Construction plans are self-explanatory for the ¾” inch to the foot model Additional details can be found on the photos.

   THE Stutz Bearcat, "the car that made good in a day," achieved its fame as both a fast two-seater for the open road and as a race car with no special attachments, motor work or souping-up.

Perhaps the best description of the famous Bearcat can be gleaned from a 1911 ad of the Ideal Motor Car Company of Indianapolis. manufacturers of the Stutz line. Headlined "500 Miles in 422 Minutes," the full page advertisement from the July 12 issue of "The Horseless Age" details "the amazing record of a model car:

"A signal triumph for an American designer was the wonderful showing made by the first Stutz car .ever built and entered in the 500-milc International Sweepstakes on the Indianapolis Speedway May 30th, 1911.

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