Full Size printed plans to build a Scale 1/2 = 1ft (1/24) LO.A. 55" Fairmile type chine boat


Full Size Printed Plans  and Article

Vintage plans from 1960


Full Size Printed on two sheets 58” x 24”and 58" x 18"

Three Page Article with Building notes and photos

Beam 8 1/2 in

Gas or Electric


by Vic smeed

SEVERAL requests have come in for "one of the Fairmile  type chine boat would prove a more satisfactory prototype for the average modeller. This boat is a very long and lean design only 17 ft. beam for its 110 ft. length;

Fairmile model at 55 in. x 8 ½ ins. will provide good performance with a .15 or .21 (2 1/2  or 3 1/2 c.c). motor as good as if it were only say 42-44 ins. long, while with larger motors such as the Taplin Twin it will have an impressive turn of speed. ( you may also convert to electric) For steering and straight-running events it is a first class prototype; under radio it will not be so nimble as a shorter model, but offers scope for special effects and should easily compete on simple speed courses.

This is felt to be the type of project which the average beginner would work up to, but in the in­terests of those builders who like a fairly quick con­structional job we have detailed a slightly simplified hull while providing a true scale body plan for those experts who want it authentic. The difference in appearance would be slight, as we have retained the sharply flared bow on the simpler version, and it is probable that the flat-surfaced hull would be more efficient for a planing model-the shape of a full size hull has to take into account seaworthiness and spray dodging which are not important in a model.

Thank you for looking Rose

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