Full size Printed Plans inshore Trawler CORMORANT Freelance 1:32 Scale Suitable for small Radio Control


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Not a KIT or MODEL


Full size printed plan on a sheet 24” x 18”

Nine page article with building notes and photos

Freelance Scale 1:32 based on 45ft trawler

Length 16.5 INCH

Beam 5


Suitable for small Radio Control

By Vic Smeed


Modellers who enjoy wood construction and this is not a difficult model. Apart from the keel member and deck, balsa is used throughout the hull

Trawlers are among the more popular for scale subjects, partly because they are relatively small and free from repetitive detail, partly because they have a low length/ beam ratio and thus provide a lot of model in a limited length but perhaps mainly because of their attractive and sea‑kindly shape. There is also enormous scope for individualizing ‑ if you look round a small fishing harbour the difference between boats of similar basic form is striking The reason is that most of the boats are owned by their skippers, or possibly small one or two‑boat consortiums, and there is consequently considerable variance in colours, condition and equipment

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