Full size Printed Plans TWO-BERTH CABIN CRUISER LOROSA Semi-Scale 1:8 Length 24“ Suitable for radio control


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only



One of the features of the design is the use of sawn Parts so that there is no bending of timber involved, except for planking the cabin roof.

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 36" x 28" 20lb bond

Three page article with building notes

Semi-Scale 1:8

Length 24“

Beam 8”

Power Electric or Gas .049 to .09

Suitable for radio control

Designed by VIC SMEED

IT might seem odd to refer to this model as a "big 24 in. design". 24 in. is, after all, 24 in., but then, if you lay side by side a chipolata and an ordinary pork sausage, the length will be the same but there is no doubt which is the bigger banger! So it is with Lorosa it is a large model for its overall length though, we hope, shapely withal. The basic idea for the superstructure shape etc. came from the little 16 ft, 6 in Burnham boat built by Burnham (Somerset) Motor­Boats although this craft is intended for out­board propulsion, and we have installed the motor inboard. In fitting the motor in the well we have ensured maximum accessibility while, at the same time, a hinged engine cover completely encloses the motor. This is quite scale practice and it has the further advantage in a model of cutting down the number of bulkheads required while still ensuring that any radio equipment that may be fitted is adequately blanked off from engine fumes and loose oil. It would even be feasible to leave the motor entirely exposed, i.e. air-cooled and so forth, and to do away with exhaust etc. This would, of course, look' rather untidy and the exhaust floating round in the well would prove disastrous to a nice finish but for anyone wishing to avoid the expense or trouble of purchasing or making the water cooling head and exhaust system, it is a practical proposition

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