Full Size Printed Plans VINTAGE 1959 Nostalgic 30 Stunt TEMCO TT-1 fun of building a model from scratch


Full Size Printed Plans Not a KIT or MODEL



If you would like to have the fun of building a model from scratch, and witnessing-the look of sur­prise and envy

Full size Printed Plan on a sheet 40" x 30"

Four Page Article with notes and photos

Nostalgic 30 Stunt


Wingspan 51 3/4"

Engine .35

By J.E. Wells

Most semi-scale Stunt models designed with the configuration of a Goodyear-type racer of a few years ago, or the piston-engine fighter World War II.

The idea of the Temco TT-l was to produce a full-scale Stunt model with all the grace and sleek appearance of the jet primary trainer designed for the U. S. Navy by the Temco Aircraft Corporation.

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