Full size Printed Plans Vintage 1964 CONTROL LINE STUNT 2-.35 F5F-1 "SKYROCKET" scale thriller


Full size Printed Plans                               

Not a KIT or MODEL

Vintage 1964


Twin engine stunt –

Full size printed plan on a sheet 42" x 30" 20lb bond

Four page article with building notes and photos




by Jack Sheeks

The ship is a dream design for stunting that is if you like a wild, big powerhouse on lines excellent ship for breezy weather, fun to fly.

Inverted flight is no problem for this semi scale ship. Well centered nacelles, fuselage.  

 This one is it. It's what Geritol is to tired blood. If your tired of the same old types in mode ling, this ship will renew your enthusiasm. It's the most exciting plane I have ever had in the air. And believe me I've had a few It's close enough to scale to enter a scale contest, but will do the whole stunt pattern without mushing or sinking in maneuvers.

Former national stunt champ Jim Vornholt claims it could go to the Nats and show them all a thing or two. The first flight was enough to show us that a twin engined plane can do the pat­tern as well as a single engined ship can. Only difference is it's a little

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