Full Size printed plans VINTAGE 1978 Profile Scale Stunt control‑liner Not a KIT or MODEL FLYING RED HORSE flys very well..



This is for Full Size printed plans

Not a KIT or MODEL


Profile Scale Stunt control‑liner of the famous Bell World War 11 fighter, the P‑63C that has all the looks and glamour of the full‑scale machine and also flys very well..

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 45” x 32”

Nine page article with building notes

Wingspan 51”

Engine .40

By Allen W. Brickhaus

 I have been forewarned by stunt fliers with many more years of experience than I that I should build a ship with as many adjustable features as possible. What one does incorrectly in the building stage can sometimes be corrected in the trimming procedure. This should not keep you from building the best aligned plane possible. Don't build a sloppy ship! It takes a little extra time to build in these features, but you can eventually have a fine flying plane, instead of a new wall hanger for the living room.

Thanks to Allen W. Brickhaus For given his permission to sell this plan


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