Full Size Printed Plans with building Article Miniature sailing boat



Full Size Printed Plans with building Article

Plus Article Sailing Ripple


One Full Size Printed on a sheet 32” x 24”

Article includes Building Notes  Five pages (not all shown)

Article Sailing Ripple Eight Pages (not all shown)

L.O.A. 16”

Beam 3”

Displacement 4 oz

Sail area 93 sq ins

Miniature sailing boat from our full-size plans- and discover the inexpensive delights of vane sailing

The model presented here has taken a long time to arrive, having been slowly refined and developed to extract the maximum performance from the minimum of boat. She is a champion of her type, bringing the toy boat right up to date

by John Bone

To sail a humble toy boat successfully on a large lake, with no power other than nature and one's own ingenuity, is arguably one of the greatest challenges of our hobby. It has developed into a personal quest to find the ultimate small sailing machine and I have built countless models since that birthday present nearly thirty years ago.

The commercial toy sailing boat has suffered complete neglect for a long time and it has never been able to rise above its piece of string' image. Given the archaic designs that most manufacturers cling to, there is little wonder that today's youngsters find them totally boring. The pleasures of simple sailing have been missed by a whole generation and the ultimate loss will be ours. In the light of our present 'green' consciousness this hobby has much to offer and every effort should be made to encourage it.

With a little thought the small yacht can be made to sail with considerable precision at speeds that are quite out of proportion to its modest size. That this can be achieved is worthy of recognition and an acknowledgement of the purest form of model boating.


learn how to sail it successfully

It has been a good many years since anything has been written on the subject of free-sailing a small model yacht. The principle of the vane gear has almost been

forgotten, although it is still used by enthusiasts in the racing classes. On a very small model that could not possibly carry radio equipment, the vane remains supreme as the perfect helmsman.

A free-sailing yacht normally has to be sailed on a purpose-built lake, or at least one with good access all around. Due to her small size, Ripple can be sailed on many ponds and natural stretches of water, provided that a suitable means of retrieval is arranged.

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