Full Size Printed Plans WWII Battleship Scale 1/240 L 37" suitable forRadio Control



Full Size Printed Plans with Article

Vintage plan from 1960

M. S. King George V

WWII Battleship

One Full Size Printed Plans on a sheet 42” x 30” 

Four pages article includes building Notes 

Scale 20ft :1 in (1/240)

Length 37.35”

Beam 5.2”

Power Electric

Radio Control


   To a scale of 20 ft : 1 in. the model is 37.35 in. long with a beam of 5.2 in. The scale draught has been kept, and the model, complete with radio control, weighs 6 ¾ pounds. Because the model is long, narrow and low in the water, it has very good straight running characteristics and the original model has placed well in steering competitions without the radio. The hull of the original was built from a solid block of pine, but on the plan, the bread and-butter method of construction is shown, using five 1/2 -in. planks and one of 1/4-in. These can be obechi, pine or any easily worked wood,  

   THE King George V was the "name ship" of a class of five battleships completed early in World War II. Its main armament consisted of ten 14 in. guns mounted in two quadruple and one twin turret; these guns had a greater range than the 15-in. guns which were mounted in earlier battleships. Since the Second World War the aircraft and the catapult between the two funnels have been removed and the plan shows the ship as she was during the war before this removal took place. Another departure from the design of the earlier battleship was the bow, which was now straight instead of the former ram shaped bow. This bow is considerably easier to-reproduce on a model than the ram bow.

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