Full Size Printed plans to build a HIGGINS CABIN CRUISER 26" Scale 1:12 for radio control


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

Full Size Plan on a Sheet 32” x 24”

Scale 1:12

Length 26”

Beam 9”
Engine .099 to .29 or Convert to Electric
Radio Control
For the many airplane builders who dabble in boats, especially the radio men, this truly beautiful scale craft is highly recommended.
It was decided that our model had to have beautiful lines and yet be spacious' enough inside to permit easy accessibility to radio equipment as well as the powerplant. The fact that we are primarily model plane enthusiasts called for a glow plug engine. It then became imperative to use a design that would allow as much cooling air as possible to circulate around the engine. The last and, perhaps, the most important requirement was easy construction that would be rugged enough to withstand severe abuse. This meant that compound curves were not permissible in order to allow sheet mahogany veneer covering to be used. This is stronger, more watertight, and easier to install than the more complex plan king.
Fulfilling these requirements was a neat looking Higgins cabin cruiser designed after the war by the builders of the famous PT boats. It has a hull that is very similar to these torpedo craft. The cabin windows are extremely large which aids in keeping the engine cool. By leaving these windows open, air is allowed to circulate through the cabin.
Any glow plug or diesel engine of from .099 to .19 cubic inch displacement can be fitted. For extremely high speeds, the hull design, shape, and size will accommodate a .29 safely. Those who desire an electric motor should select a six volt motor of the larger variety. This will' not, however, produce high speeds

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