Model Boat Full Size Printed Plan & Article Scale 1/8 Crackerbox for Radio Control


Full Size Printed Plans Not a KIT or MODEL


Scale 1/8

length 24"

Engine .15 Glow or Electric

For Radio Control

Full size Printed Plan on a sheet 30" x 18"

Five pages of building notes and photos

by Jerry Dunlap

Here is a boat that is easy to build and fun to run that could become a whole new class for Quarter Midget boat racing.

The full scale racing "Crackerbox" has to be one of the most unique classes sanctioned by American Power Boat Association. The class had its beginnings in the mid 1930's as the first limited racing class. The basic Crackerbox design has changed little since its inception. The boat retains its straight sided, boxy appearance in an age when smoothly contoured fiberglass boats dominate the flat bottom racing classes. The Crackerbox is an open cockpit design with the engine mounted in front of the driver, and is one of two APBA inboard limited classes that requires a driver and rider.

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