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Full Size Printed Plans Not a KIT or MODEL

Full Size Printed Plan on a Sheet 36" x 43"

Two page article and photos

NOTE: No building notes recommended for builder with some experience

Ocean Reward

Scale 1/32" Length 33 3/8 Beam 7 1/2"

Suitable for Radio Control

The 'Ocean Reward'

The Ocean Reward represents a steel drifter of the type which was built by the hundreds, a design which remained almost unchanged until the steam drifter was replaced by the wooden motor drifter. Even the wooden steam drifter of the day was almost indistinguishable from her steel sister. Her graceful sheer and the shapely counter stern make her a very attractive prototype.

The Ocean Reward was built by Alexander Hall in 1914 at Aberdeen for Bloomfields Ltd of Yarmouth. Her registered dimensions were 86.1ft. x 18.6ft. x 9.3ft., gross tonnage 95 tons, a size which was pretty well common to all the screw drifters. She had a service speed of 9 kts. The Ocean Reward was hired by the Navy in 1914 and fitted with a 3-pdr. gun. She was again hired in 1939 and was sunk in collision off Dover in 1940.

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