Plans to build a Childeren's backyard Railroad replica old-time steam locomotive and track


Printed Plans

No material plans only

Backyard & Birdbath R. R.

Power Auto battery and homemade solenoids driving wheels

You may wish to convert to starter motor chain or pulley

Track and ties made from treated wood

One cover page and Six pages of building note and photos

Four sheets of drawing 11"x 17"

Full size parts template 11"x 17"

Length 57 3/4"

Width 26"

By W. Clyde Lammey

ROBERT WOOLSON, Chicago TV advertising man, could easily qualify as the little old toymaker, but to him designing and building playthings for children is little more than just a fascinating hobby. To his growing list of popular back-yard toys which have appeared in PM (you'll certainly recall his Sidewalk Classic car, page 146, Nov. '63 PM), he now adds this delightful replica of an old-time steam locomotive—the cutest thing on rails for small-fry engineers.

The smoke from its milk-strainer stack is no tip-off as to what makes it start, stop and reverse, or what keeps it chugging along on its 1 x 2 track at a merry 5 miles per, with all the realism of the real thing;

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