Printed Full Size Drawings 1886 Daimler Scale 1:12 Length 8” Width 4 ¼” Height 5


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1886 Daimler

All illustrations are of the author's twelfth scale model built to the order of and now shipped to an American Museum

Full size plan on a sheet 22” x 17”

Five page article with description and photos

Scale 1:12

Length 8”

Width 4 ¼”

Height 5 3/8”


FOLLOWING experiments with his early internal combustion engines in both stationary form and as the motive power for a motor-cycle like machine, Gottlieb Daimler took the logical step of fitting an engine into a four-wheeled vehicle. There being at that time no motor car chassis, he again took a logical step that of using a carriage, less horses and with the steering arrangements suitably altered. It should be mentioned that the "car" was intended more as a mobile. engine test-bed than a means 'Of serious transport. Thus having to come to rest in order that the ratio might be changed by taking off one belt and fitting another on the other pair of pulleys mattered little. Note also that certain parts are missing from the machine now in the Daimler-Benz museum, the model, the drawings and photographs of the actual carri­age all show the old Daimler as it is now. The more important parts lost are the clutch shaft and the clutch operating gear.

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