Printed plan Project for beginners Aquagas Boat Length 15" Power Co2


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Project for beginners


Full Size printed plan on two sheets 11” x 17”

Three page article with building notes

Length 15"

Power Co2

A novel experiment in alternative power -

 by David Deadman

   I felt sure that Telco could power a small boat, but what sort of flywheel would be suitable? Would a single CO2 tank provide enough gas? What sort of boat? etc., etc.

   The resulting boat is based on guesswork, but its performance is enough to suggest that further experiment might he worthwhile, particularly by someone with more experience in hull design.

   With several old model aircraft wheels in the spares box it seemed sensible to try using them as a figurehead. To my surprise the 11/2in. Keil Kraft streamlined wheel (the kind with an aluminum hub and a slim rubber tire) worked well on test. The motor responded well to throttle adjustment, from tick-over to full throttle with plenty of revs. The throttle, on the Telco, is adjusted by turning the hexagon nut on the end of the crankshaft, which is concentric and changes to throw of the piston.

  Duration at medium power was about one minute, so I decided twin tanks would be advisable.

Thank you for your interest Rose

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