Printed Plans MAKE YOUR OWN Banjo Clock Make it from Walnut and Brass Length 31


This is for  Printed Plans 


Banjo  Clock

Make it from Walnut and Brass

Two Pages of building notes and Clock face

Plans on Two sheets 17” x 11”

Length 31

Width 8 1/2"

By A. L. Elliott

PATTERNED after a type of timekeeper that gained great popularity in the early years of the last century, this banjo clock Makes a handsome addition to a room furnished in Early American.

Its case, made of walnut is decorated with brass. The barrel that holds the works was turned on a lathe. Dovetail joints are used in the throat and lower box

The first thing to do is to obtain the works, since the size of the barrel will depend on that. If a good works from a mantel clock is available, you have the advantage of a rim and crystal‑and perhaps a face ready for use. The design shown here is or a fairly large works If the one you use smaller, alter the dimensions to suit.

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