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Steam Launch


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BEAM 7 1/4”


By Basil Harley

A freelance steam launch of simple construction for a variety of commercial engines

Rose is an easily made freelance steam launch reminiscent of those built for lake and river use earlier in the century. In complexity she lies somewhere between the simple balsa wood 'box' hulls like Mabel and Nina and the full' plank‑on‑frame' hulls which can be a little daunting for the beginner. She is, of course, a hard chine hull with four plywood 'planks'‑ one on each side and two on the bottom ‑ glued to a simple framework. Indeed, the Americans call such boats 'plank‑on‑frame' but I think this is stretching the use of words.

I have thought of her as being to a scale of l in‑ to l ft. so a prototype would be about 31ft. long and I have made her fairly broad in the beam and with ample freeboard to enable her to carry and be driven by as wide a range of commercially available steam engines as possible. The combination of curved surfaces that are formed by the interaction of two flat curved sheets of plywood provide all sorts of possibilities for shapely hulls to be made from plain sheets of ply.

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