Victoria Steam Launch and Twin Cylinder Oscillating Steam Engine1:12 Scale Full Size Printed Plan


Steam Launch
Twin Cylinder Oscillating Steam Engine
Scale 1/12
Length 30 1/2"
Power Steam
Radio Control

For Boat & Steam Engine
TWO FULL SIZE PLAN Prints on Two Sheet 40" x 32"
To save on shipping Building notes are on Cd
If you require printed notes there is an additional charge on shipping only
Fifteen DIGITAL Pages of buikding notes and Photos

by Basil Harley
Victoria is a steam launch, built about 1900, which has spent all her life on and about the River Thames. She now belongs to Ian Rutter, a member of the Steamboat Association of Great Britain, who kindly offered me all facilities for photographing and drawing her. I described her in detail last month in my Marine Miscellany column, so I will only repeat here that she is 30ft. 6in. long by 6ft. beam and that the model is made to a scale of 1/12, i.e. I in. to 1ft. Apart from an additional 3/8 in. on the draught to give a little more buoyancy (displacement 6 1/4lbs) and the practical conncessions demanded by any live steam engine and boiler she is built to scale with some accuracy.

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