Vintage 1959 Plans ½ A Wingspan 48” Freeflight ASTEROID 320 includes building notes


Full size printed plan and build notes

Vintage plan from 1959


With howling power, you need a plane that grooves all the way up to the top

Full size printed plan with building notes on a sheet 50” x 24”

Full size printed parts template on a sheet 11” x 17”

Wingspan 48”

Engine ½ A

by Bob Hunter

Design of this ½ A was undertaken in early 1957 when, with the advent of the Holland Hornet, it became apparent that the .049 power race was not yet over. The "Asteroid" is nearly thirty per cent larger than most 1/2 A designs, but with the light wing loading, and the power to back it up, it's a threat in any contest. .

Contest balsa of from four- to six- pound stock, is used throughout the construction, unless otherwise specified, and templates for tip sections may be made from heavy poster board and pencil carbon, available at stationery stores. The two rib sections (one wing-one stab) are made of thin plywood or aluminum.

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