Vintage plan from 1987 1/2A 48 1/4" W/S Freeflight ASTROSTAR can be built by a novice


Full size printed plan and build notes

Vintage plan from 1987  


The construction is quite straightforward. The model can be built by a novice with good chances for favorable results.

Full size printed plan with building notes on a sheet 50” x 28”

Five page article with building Notes


Wingspan 48-1/4”

Engine ½ A

 A model design is generally considered to be successful when it proves itself on the contest circuit as this one has. More than that, this design recently received the distinguished honour of being named the NFFS small gas model of the year for 1988

   The size of the model was selected based on the fact that most of my flying is at Taft under Cat. 1 conditions with 5-min. maxes. Smaller models can get pretty tough to see when they get specked out in a booming thermal. However, the model has been successfully flown in all categories and will typically weigh in at 6.5 to 7.0 oz. with no fuel. I feel that this size of model works well for all categories. It will handle the full power of a hot TeeDee with no wasted gyrations.

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