WWII Model Boat Plans 1:48 Scale 30" R/C Landing Craft Plans & Building Notes


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Landing Craft

FULL SIZE PRINTED PLANS on Two SHEETS 34"x 24" and 28" x 24"

Seven Page Article with Building notes and photos

Scale ¼” = 1ft (1/48)  Length 30”  Beam 9 3/8” Power Three Electric motors

For Radio Control

Walter Musciano

The model plans presented here are, therefore, most accurate except in  those cases where security restrictions prohibit divulging certain features.

Our replica of this interesting craft is powered by three electric motors to duplicate the triple screws of the full-size vessel. The motors can be either of the smaller variety such as Dyna-Mite, Ray- a-Vac, Wilsons, the German Distal or the larger more powerful K&O or Pittman motors. The entire propeller assembly including shaft, brass tube and rubber universal may be purchased as a complete set. An Radio Transmitter and Receiver were used for our craft

The prototype model is constructed entirely from 1/8" sheet and is built to the scale of 1/4" equals one foot. The majority of deck fittings, anchors, ladders, davits, port holes, bitts, chocks, chain, stanchions and numerous other detail items can be purchased at many model supply houses.

The ramp on the model can be remotely operated via radio equipment For the radio-control enthusiast who may desire to construct a truly realistic operating model of this landing craft. It certainly is not beyond possibility that a model can be made to drop anchor, beach it- self, open the ramp, close the ramp, haul in the anchor line and then return to the operator. Beyond a doubt the landing craft is ideally suited for radio work whether it be merely a simple single channel rudder operating mechanism or a complex hookup to achieve the action described above.

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