Full Size Printed Plan WWII TRAMP STEAMER 1:144 SCALE 35" M.V. PUNDUA suitable for Radio Control


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

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Nearly 80 ships were built to this standard Doxford design during the Second World War

Full Size Printed Plan on a sheet 36" x 25"

Four page article with photos Note: No building instructions

For experienced builders

Scale 1:144

Length 35”     

Beam 4.34”


At this time the motor powered tramp was not a common type of ship among tramp ship owners, the triple expansion engine with Scotch boilers being the most common installation, requiring relatively unskilled operators to run and maintain: replacements and repairs could be obtained at most ports in the world. The wisdom of the policy of building motor ships was borne out, however, when we note that between September 1939 and June 1945 nearly 80 such vessels were built to over 20 different owners in addition to those for the Ministry of War Transport, who in many cases handed them over to other shipping companies for running. and could maintain 11+ knots on 91/2  tons of oil fuel daily, whereas the majority of the tramps could barely average 10 knots and consumed from 30 to 40 tons of coal a day, often having to bunker this then precious commodity on each arrival at a British port. whereas the motor ship could take on oil-fuel at a port abroad and do a round voyage before re-fuelling abroad again. This was particularly so on the Atlantic crossing to America.

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